You fucking die

by You Fucking Die

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Recorded in a 7 hour blast of fun and violence at Sonelab Studios, MA.


released April 22, 2016



all rights reserved


You Fucking Die New York, New York

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Track Name: Monotony
Fair trial
Fair trail
Fair trail
I want a fair trial
I'll stand in queue

What you do to me
Don't you ever see
I can't be with anyone unless it's you or me
But It's monotony

What have you solved
I wanna get laid
Since when did you
We're all alone
I love you too
Track Name: I'm always high
You can't hear me if i mumble my words, or if I scream my words, or if I'm out of control
It's not important what I have to say, or what I wish to say but how I say.

I can make a difference, I can make a difference, I can make a difference but I think I've tried, think I've tried, think I've tried.
I don't think I like it where I did come from, did come from,
Still am from. Still am from, still am from.

What is best, is your personal best which I welcome you bring here as long it's best for.
What is best is to give it a rest cause I said that a rest is the best that I get!

I can make a difference, I can make a difference, I can make difference but I thinkl I've tried, I think I've tried I think ive tried.
I don't think I know how to believe in that, cause to believe in that is to Live like that,you live like that, you live like that, no!

Everyday is a potential gain,
Cause you're one step ahead of whatever comes next here
It's a day that I choose to forget unless my brain deems it best with a smile on my face!

I can make a difference I can make a difference I can make a difference but I think too small, think too small, think too small!
I don't think I know how to relieve myself, relieve myself, to live, myself.
Live myself, live myself.
Track Name: I'm always tired
A room full of fists, my senses flying fierce.
What do I do? What do I need?
It's mounting, doubting. Its every time that I seem to need something

I make myself immovable,
Weigh myself down

Running fast, I brace for facts. Something about freedom. My lips wet. All confusion, no illusions, my time is up and I know that I just want out.

I make myself immovable,
Weigh myself down

Smother me in incompetence, that's the thing I love best. Sprinkle some negligence on top and throw in impudence.
I seethe in anger, such laughter
All I want is someone that just loves to work it.
Track Name: Beware the King Killer
I made a promise of all good will though I lack determination.

It's so easy to promise for free!

Life went forward all over my face

I love to play video games and masturbate. That's one thing you know about me.

You know you're so big when you opinionate me small, so I go ahead

and make verbs for me!


Love is worthless when you make it free, make that word mean something to me,


The best is surely when you look at your cellphone as you talk to me. I know how busy a man you must be.

Me I like a Dildo straight up my ass, my time is obviously worthless and I make less. I love that taste called incompetence


I made a promise of all good will though I lack determination.

It could have easily happened to me!

Me I got nothing more else to say,

I'm obviously quite lazy and I lay bare,

Whatever else is expected of me!
Track Name: I'm always horny
A friend is pain that is causing motivation, often throbbing, reckless. I need more release!

You want some fire that's a wonderful desire.
Me I want to, have less, want less, care less, groundless!

I feel the love from my toes to my knees, from my knees to my eyes from my eyes to my feelings. Maybe, some day .

I heard a joke
That was loud
And was clear
And so real
That's surreal
So that maybe
They must be

A friend in need, is indeed, such a thrill, to be with, when in need, it's like,

such a down note.
So that maybe,
We can talk about me.

What a fucking dick
Track Name: Sterile art
Got a head filled with passion and a mind full of fear!
It does nothing for me!
If I stopped using pronouns I just know we'd disappear,
I'll take a different approach in which to reappear

To walk and wander has a different appeal.
To find someone boring that can make you feel real!
If you knew what you wanted would you ask it of me.
If you knew what I wanted would you let me go free

All I see, are blank stares, lack of appeal, and a melody. It means the world to me.

I'd like to think that my life means something.
I'd like to think that I'm doing something real. More the embarrassment of making this seem so big.

I like to think that my life is something, more than the biggest expectation of me.
Live as a destitute whose preaching is only for him.
Track Name: This is how words are made
Oo, I got this thing in my eye
Like the opposite of glitter,
What do you call a visual vacuum. I can feel it. But I'm talking about something you can see


I name myself, that's how I choose my words. When I'm feeling down, I make up my mind, and I know it's time to go


Feeling fine, dreaming time. Dream of what I think is mine. I dream about death. I dream about fear and whatever else you can expect to find here


I feel like I'm making a scene. Doesn't matter if you know me still. I see the wretched kneel. I told you to shut up. This is how words are made.
Track Name: Horrible people
I'm filled with laughter. I love to soak up the sun. When I speak with another, it's time for you to fuck up the fun.

I'm a personable man. I speak loud and obnoxiously. You are the reason I'm offensive. You are the reason I'm offended.

I'm that sad lady who sat all alone on the public transit and guffawed to her superiority. She let us know.

Hey, I'm a musicologist and I failed at life.